Wolf Seagal

Joy Beckerman

M.Wolf Segal aka “The Farmer in the Sky”
Wolf has been involved in cannabiculture and associated business enterprises for over 40 years.  He has been a major innovator in the field including having invented the Sea of Green and Screen of Green methods among many other techniques which are still widely used. He has actively managed multi-million dollar enterprises including one of the very first specialized gardening equipment companies. Hydro Tech  Another was a 12000+ plant “multi-state network of extremely sophisticated indoor grow operations.” His passion for plant sciences and the physics of light and his dedication as an advocate can be traced back to his teen years when, after reading Bill Drake’s “The Cultivator’s Handbook of Marijuana,” he planted one of Southern Oregon’s first largish crops. Ironically, the editor of Wolf’s--in progress--second book on growing cannabis is that very same Bill Drake. Along with, among others, Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes, Wolf wrote regularly for Sinsemilla Tips Magazine all through the ‘80s. He uses his weekly podcast on iHeart, iTunes, Spreaker, Roku, etc., “The Farmer in the Sky Radio Hour” as a platform from which to teach people that "Growing greener is growing wiser."and to showcase some of the history, personalities and developments in and around cannabiculture. If you only take one thing away take away from hearing him he wants it to be that you can grow more sustainably without reducing ROI.

Ben Christensen

Paul Loney is the founder of Oregon’s most experienced comprehensive cannabis law firm. In 2009, Mr. Loney developed the legal blueprint for Oregon’s first private cannabis club, which was considered the beginning of the “dispensary” system in Oregon, as well the first National high-profile cannabis café. With offices in both Portland and Ashland, he represents producers, processors, retailers and ancillary cannabis businesses throughout Oregon. Mr. Loney helped draft numerous cannabis related ballot initiatives, including Oregon’s Ballot Measure 91. He has presented at a variety of seminars and conferences throughout Oregon regarding marijuana business law and compliance issues. Mr. Loney was the co-chair for Oregon’s first cannabis business 
continuing legal education seminar and is the attorney for Oregon’s largest growers’ organization. He recently collaborated with the Oregonian and University of Oregon regarding a lecture on recreational marijuana in Oregon.

Todd Dalotto is a cannabis industry consultant, horticultural scientist, public policy advisor, and a court-qualified expert witness specializing in cannabis. Todd founded the first hemp food business in the U.S. (Hungry Bear Hemp Foods), authored the world’s first hemp cookbook (The Hemp Cookbook: From Seed to Shining Seed, Inner Traditions), and founded Oregon’s first cannabis medical clinic, education & support center (Compassion Center). Todd earned a horticultural research degree from Oregon State University, serves on the Oregon Health Authority’s Advisory Committee on Medical Marijuana, chairs the ACMM’s Dispensary Program Committee, has served on various rules advisory committees for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program and the Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program, helped draft key cannabis legislation, and is an Americans for Safe Access Foundation’s Patient-Focused Certification Board Member and Auditor. He’s currently president of CAN! Research, Education & Consulting in Corvallis, Oregon www.CanResearch.net where he conducts horticultural research and consults cannabis producers, processers, dispensaries, and ancillary businesses.  He may be reached at: todd@CanResearch.net

Todd Dalotto

Kara Bradford, MBA, is Co-Founder and Chief Talent Officer of Viridian Staffing.  She has been an HR professional, specializing in Talent Acquisition, Workforce Planning, Employer Branding, Compliance, and Organizational Design for over 14 years.   Her career has spanned multiple Fortune 100 companies in a wide variety of industries.  Kara has an MBA in Human Resources & Organizational Behavior and is PRC, CIR, and CSSR Certified. She also sits on the Board of a Global Recruiting organization. Kara has spoken and is slated to speak at several National conferences this year in both the Cannabis and HR industries

Sarah Jane Gallegos

Kat Bohnsack

Courtney N. Moran, LL.M. founding principal of EARTH Law, LLC is the leading national expert on industrial hemp law who drives policy in developing a sustainable industrial hemp industry.  She is a sought-after speaker who has presented on industrial hemp law and policy at conferences throughout the U.S. and at Oregon State University.  In January 2014, Courtney graduated magna cum laude from Lewis and Clark Law School with a Master of Laws in Environmental and Natural Resources Law, with an emphasis in Industrial Hemp Law.  In May 2015, a comparative analysis Courtney authored, titled Industrial Hemp: Canada Exports, United States Imports was published by the Fordham Environmental Law Review.  Courtney is also the founder of the non-profit Oregon Hemp Industries Association.

Following 31 years in private practice, including his statewide representation of medical cannabis patients and
their providers for 19 years, Portland attorney and activist Leland R. Berger has morphed his law practice from criminal defense to advising cannabusinesses. Co-drafter of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, its amendments and several dispensary and legalization initiatives and bills (including Measure 91), his activism includes citizen lobbying, public speaking, and protester defense. Mr. Berger is a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, the Oregon Cannabis Industry Association, the NORML Legal Committee, Americans for Safe Access' Board of Legal Advisers and the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. He is a co-founder and Board Member of the National Cannabis Bar Association, and Chair of its Amicus Committee. His awards include High Times' Freedom Fighter of the Month (Aug. 2001), OCDLA's President's Award (2008), NORML's Citizen Activist Award (2010), and he is the first ever recipient of the Oregon Cannabis Industry Association's Lifetime Achievement Award (2014.) Mr. Berger is assisted at OC3 by Legal Assistant, Office Manager and Industry Insider Leia Flynn.

Leland R Berger

Joy Beckerman is the Principal at Hemp Ace International, a Seattle-based global Cannabis consulting and brokerage firm. After opening the first hemp store in New York in the early 1990’s, Joy served as Secretary to the Vermont Hemp Council upon passage of the first Vermont hemp bill in 1996. She then commenced an extensive dual career as a compliance and complex civil litigation paralegal supporting Seattle’s elite counsel. Joy is an internationally respected voice and renowned public speaker who has presented at continuing legal education seminars and numerous universities, conferences, and panels over the last nearly quarter of a century. Working directly with legislators and policymakers, Joyassists with bill drafting and policymaking upon request. She is as an Advisor and Board Member of multiple Cannabis associations and entities, and is also a hempcrete workshop instructor for Hemp Technologies, builders of the first permitted hempcrete homes in the U.S.

Lynn Foutch

Bradley M. Steinman is an Oregon-licensed attorney who lives and practices law in the state capitol of Salem, Oregon. As a law student, Bradley clerked for two of Oregon's leading medical marijuana lawyers in Portland. An outspoken cannabis legalization and drug policy reform advocate since 2011, Bradley co-founded Law Students for Sensible Drug Policy (LSSDP), and was the founder of Lewis and Clark Law School's chapter of SSDP. Bradley's solo law firm, Green Business Law, primarily focuses on litigation, appeals, and on assisting clients with state and local compliance, contracts, administrative law, and business matters. Bradley is general counsel to the Oregon Cannabis Business Council.

 Megan Schwarting is the owner , operator and co-founder of Kush Creams® . Megan has been growing and extracting since her teenage years. Once she had created  3 beautiful daughters , she decided to legitimize what she had built.  In 2010 she licensed and formed Kush Creams®. Continually making history , she was approved this past year for her Federal Trademark on a federally illegal product. Through lab testing, research and development, and plenty of time listening to patients she was able to formulate one of the most effective cannabis topicals available today, winning over 15 industry awards and trophies dating back to 2008.  What makes Kush Creams® distinctive is the uncompromised  dedication to high quality ingredients, resulting in the most luxorious  Cannabis cream available. You can find Kush Creams® available at hundreds of access points in Washington, along with recently being licensed into Oregon and California.  Find out more at kushcreams.com 

Amy Peradotta is the Chairwoman of the Portland Chapter of Women Grow. Women Grow is a national professional networking organization with 45 chapters across the US and Canada. Women Grow serves to connect, educate, and empower women in the cannabis industry. Currently, the Portland chapter is the largest and fastest growing chapter in the country. Peradotta is an advocate for the entire cannabis genus, recognizing that all cultivars/strains/varieties of the Cannabis L. Sativa plant - from industrial hemp to medical and adult use – serve to benefit mankind.  As such, she firmly supports removing cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 so that all cannabis businesses can realize success through a legal industry. She earned a Master of Public Administration degree from Southern Illinois University in 2008 where she focused her research on the failed policies preventing the United States from utilizing industrial hemp as a renewable resource.  She also served as a volunteer for the Yes on Measure 91 campaign, encouraging voters to cast their ballots in favor for Oregon’s now legal adult-use industry. 

Kara Bradford

David Murét is the Co-Founder and COO of Viridian Staffing.  With a diverse background including everything from Public Policy and Law, to Information Technology, Finance and Business Development he serves as Viridian's "Swiss Army Knife," rounding out the executive team.  As a veteran of multiple start-ups he demonstrates a keen appreciation of the challenges business owners face as well as the importance of assembling the right team.  A natural-born leader, activist and organizer he has a gift for identifying and valuing people's innate strengths and putting them in positions where they can realize the greatest positive impact within an organization.

Kat Bohnsack, also known as "The Cannabis Coach" is an exciting and motivational speaker who is passionate about marijuana education. She is considered an expert in the field of Cannabis education and speaks regularly to all age groups in order to give life saving advice and current marijuana education to many. She is the author of a new book series, "Your Amazing Itty Bity Marijuana Manual", the first of which was released in Aug called, "15 Way to use Cannabis for your Health." Her second book in the series, "How to educate Your Children about Marijuana" is due to be released this next month. She is a member of the prestigious group, Women of Weed, that was featured in an article in July's edition of National Geographic and The Marijuana Business Association, she is one of the vendor coordinators for the world's largest freedom of speech and cannabis reform event, Seattle Hempfest, she has been a cannabis business consultant for years and has even owned her own veterans cooperative, assisting many veterans over the years find their way to holistic health. Kat is a disabled veteran herself and is involved in many groups dedicated to education, safety and the pursuit of truth in regards to the use and laws about cannabis. She has been seen and heard on TV and radio, is being considered in a role in a new cannabis TV reality series, and is the editor of a groundbreaking new cannabis magazine. She can be reached at KatBohnsack@gmail.com or directly at 360-631-0645 for comments, education or interviews.

Rep. Val Hoyle

Courtney Moran

Bradley Steinman

Rowshan Reordan is the founder of Green Leaf Lab, Oregon’s largest cannabis analytical laboratory and
one of the first cannabis analytical laboratories to open in the nation. Ms. Reordan was one of the first 
women to open a business in Oregon’s cannabis industry and was the first women run cannabis lab in 
Oregon. After opening Green Leaf Lab’s flagship location in Portland, she became more involved with 
legislative efforts to ensure legitimacy in cannabis safety testing. She spearheaded laboratory regulation 
in Oregon by hiring a lobbyist firm to ensure that laboratories became standardized. Ms. Reordan was 
on the subcommittee for testing for Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Law and is on the subcommittee for 
testing for Oregon’s recreational marijuana program. Ms. Reordan has presented at a variety of 
educational seminars and conferences. She recently worked in conjunction with the Oregonian and the 
University of Oregon in educating and discussing the proper direction of legislative efforts concerning 
Oregon’s cannabis industry.

Since 2013 A member of the Administrative Rules Committee for Industrial Hemp for the State of Oregon.  20 years on Mainstage at the Seattle Hempfest. 7 years on the TV show Cannabis Common Sense. 7 years with Hempstalk as Event Coordinator or Stage Manager. On the Board of Directors of C&S Building Supply, inventors of Hemp MDF. He has built over 1,000 houses. Lives in Portland.​ Tim has also been a judge in several high level cannabis cups and competitions.

Russ Belville is the Executive Director of 420RADIO.org, where he produces the world's best 24-hour live stream source for cannabis news and entertainment broadcasts (http://420radio.org), and the Executive Director of Portland NORML, the Portland Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. "Radical" Russ, as he is known on-air, hosts The Russ Belville Show, a two-hour news and talk radio program for the cannabis community, weekdays at 3pm Pacific on 420RADIO.org.  The program is a continuation of the work he did for NORML from 2008-2012, hosting their NORML SHOW LIVE program.  With well over 2,000 shows heard by hundreds of thousands of listeners, "Radical" Russ is one of the most recognizable voices in the marijuana media. Russ is based in Portland, Oregon, and travels extensively, lecturing and presenting on marijuana law reform issues.  In addition to his own blogging at RadicalRuss.com, Russ's writing is featured in print in HIGH TIMES, Kush Magazine, West Coast Leaf, and Oregon Cannabis Connection, and online on HIGHTIMES.com, Pot.TV, Alternet, Huffington Post, The Weed Blog, Salon, SF Gate's Smell the Truth, Marijuana Politics, International Cannabis Business Conference, Reset.me and many other websites.  Russ's work is also featured in college textbooks by McGraw-Hill. Russ's radio career began in 2006 when he won a nationwide talent search for progressive talk radio personalities.  After winning five national head-to-head competitions judged by talk radio professionals, including MSNBC's "Big" Ed Schultz, Russ hosted a political talk radio show on XM Satellite radio from 2007-2009, also airing on the then-largest progressive talk radio station in America, Portland's AM 620 KPOJ. Russ began his marijuana activism in 2005, joining Oregon NORML, the local chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, headquartered in Portland.  In short time, he was the chapter's Associate Director (2nd in command), web designer, and producer and host of the chapter's cable access television program, Oregon NORML Presents.  Soon, he became a featured guest on Cannabis Common Sense, another popular pro-cannabis program produced by The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation. In 2008 he was hired by National NORML to take on chapter outreach duties and in four years on the job he supervised the creation of 78 new college and local chapters and state affiliates.  During his activism, Russ has been a featured speaker at NORML Conferences, HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups, Seattle Hempfest, Portland Hempstalk, Boston Freedom Rally, The Baker Institute, and pro-cannabis events in twenty states and the District of Columbia.

Pioneer Pete

Sarah Jane Gallegos is the owner and head instructor for Medicinal Jane, LLC, Portland’s premiere cannabis cultivation education and consulting firm.  Sarah Jane began her career as a public school educator where she innovated technology based education for her urban students.  Over the past decade her focus has changed from public education to cannabis activism and education.  Sarah Jane’s countless volunteer hours for Oregon Green Free, NORML and Solidarity Ribbon manifested into a career at one of Portland’s first Cannabis Clubs.  From there she went on to form Medicinal Jane, LLC.  Sarah Jane is looking forward to her current students becoming some of Oregon’s finest organic cannabis cultivators!

Amy Peradotta

Sean Stockmeyer received his formal higher education at the University of Michigan specializing in Aeronautical Engineering. His father John Stockmeyer  was a pioneer if super-critical extraction development during the 1950's. Sean Stockmeyer became involved in engineering lighting systems for the horticultural industry in 2005 and is still on the board of directors of one of the largest hydroponic equipment suppliers in the United States. In 2007 he moved to Denver Colorado and is an equity partner and board member of 6 licensed grow and extraction facilities with a total indoor grow area of 140,000sqft. Due to his exposure in hydroponic equipment supply, Mr. Stockmeyer cultivated European contacts and in 2012 was tasked to be a senior engineer and consultant to the 3 largest hemp cultivation firms in Germany and Holland. Since 2012 he has been intimately involved in the genetics, cultivation, processing and extraction of CBD from Industrial Hemp. In 2014 he laid the groundwork for Standard Hemp Inc. as one of the largest cultivators, extractors and refiners of CBD oil in North America. Standard Hemp now operates in 3 continents and provides bulk oil sales and extraction and refinement services. His facilities can produce the widest range of material in the industry, naturally extracted and refined from 5% up to 99.8% purity. Standard Hemp's 2015 cultivation is expected to produce 2800kg of CBD oil. 

Brian Sheets

Brian Sheets is an Oregon natural resources and land use attorney experienced in water law, environmental law, and municipal law. He has represented municipal, corporate, and individual clients in litigation and transactional capacities by solving water rights and stormwater management issues. Brian graduated cum laude from Lewis & Clark Law School with certificates in Environmental & Natural Resources law and Criminal Law & Procedure and has authored several water law articles and given presentations to water industry groups. Brian spent his third year of law school as the head law clerk at the U.S. Attorney's Office, and presently sits on the Planning Commission for the City of Troutdale. This background gives Brian a unique perspective for his clients in navigating a complex regulatory framework, and strategically planing for appearing in court and quasi-judicial land use hearings. 

Russ Belville

Pioneer Pete, the world’s first OMNIBUDSMAN, is a successful entrepreneur in the wide open frontier known as the CannaBusiness and Industry. His 25 year career is distinguished by a series of firsts. As Dynamic Distribution, he was the first to distribute 100% hemp Tree Free Eco Paper, along with a variety of other hemp products, in the first business of its kind in the Midwest. As manager of Goodness! Grocery, he was the first to establish a 100% organic produce department in the state of Indiana. During 1994 and 1995 he and his wife, Tiffany, originated the GreenWave Freedom Fair and Hemp Festival. It was the first of its kind; exposing the hypocrisy of Marijuana Prohibition at Indiana’s first 4+20/Earth Day events. The GreenWave was the first glimpse of legalization the Midwest had ever seen! Since moving to Oregon over 20 years ago, Pete has actively participated in the cannabis legalization effort, supporting groups such as Voter Power, and ballot measures 67, 72, and 91. Pete was one of the first people in Oregon to become an adviser to patients and growers under medical legalization in 1998, and one of the first distributors to OMMP dispensaries around the state under the new HB 3460 / SB 1531 rules. Pioneer Pete is the Event Manager and Judge for the Oregon Cannabis Cup held at the Oregon Hemp and Cannabis Conventions. These events held at the Portland Expo Center are Oregon's biggest and most highly regarded; having their first 3 successful events within 13 months. Many other regional events have seen his hand at work including 710 & 420 events bringing people together to learn and grow in the CannaBusiness and Industry. Pete is a founding member of the Oregon Cannabis Industry Association and Salem Cannabis Industry Association, having served on the board of the SCIA in 2014-2015. Currently, he serves an active role as a Oregon SunGrown Growers Guild Board member. He is also an integral part of the OLCC RAC on Licensing, Compliance and Enforcement implementing M91 and HB 3400.

David Muret

Lynn and Richard Foutch of Integrative Health Source are proud recipients of becoming licensed Industrial Hemp growers in the State of Oregon.  Lynn trained eight years towards making the Olympic Women’s Marathon team. Thus, she researched and implemented many valuable health and wellness modalities with the CBD oils being a major factor for achieving and maintaining optimal levels of health and well being.  Richard is a 33 year practicing Emergency Physician as well as a retired Army Colonel serving the country for 28 years.  In addition, he served as the State Surgeon of Colorado for eight years.  Richard’s background in medicine has been a valuable asset into the research and implementation of the cannabis plant on multiple levels for the health and well being of people of all ages. 

Sean Stockmeyer

Paul Loney

Benjamin Christensen is a Portland, Oregon-based hemp advocate and owner of Oregon Hemp Works. Oregon Hemp Works produces a premier line of hemp body care products from hemp soaps and lotions to massage oils and mud masks. Ben is also part of The Hemp Foundation, an organization dedicated to educating people about the historic uses and current applications of industrial hemp. The Hemp Foundation sets up a traveling hemp display at festivals and conferences, offering a hands-on experience to demonstrate the many ways hemp can be used. As a renewable energy/business major, Ben was one of the first to make hemp biodiesel. One of his newer passions regarding hemp is its use in construction projects (hempcrete). He continues expanding his education and recently participated in a workshop led by hempcrete guru, Steve Allin where he helped build a hempcrete home in Bellingham, WA.

Megan Schwarting

Tim Pate

From 2012-2015 Val Hoyle served as the Majority Leader of the Oregon House, leading the Democratic Caucus through multiple successful legislative sessions. Under Val's leadership, Democrats in Oregon passed the largest K-12 schools budget in the state's history and helped small businesses have the tools they need to expand. She serves on the Board of the State Legislative Leaders Foundation (SLLF), a prominent national group made up of legislative leaders from around the country. She has represented House District 14, encompassing West Eugene, Junction City, and Cheshire, since 2009. Val received her Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Emmanuel College in Boston, MA. She lives in West Eugene with her husband, Stephen, and their two dogs. Val's two children attend college in Oregon.

Roshawn Reordan